About the DAV

The German Bar Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein – DAV) is the oldest independent and representative body of the German legal profession, democratically legitimated by voluntary membership. We are representing the interests of more than 160.000 Lawyers in Germany. Being politically independent, the DAV represents and promotes the professional and economic interests of the German legal profession. Founded in 1871, the DAV has today over 63.000 members organised in 257 local bar associations, including 13 local bar associations abroad.

Through its 40 legislative and specialised committees, working in all possible legal areas, the DAV comments on legislative proposals on national and European level. They influence the parliamentary decision-making process both in Germany and Europe. Further, the DAV has 30 sections ranging from family law to sports and IT law, which offer training, specialisation and a forum for exchange.

International activity of the DAV


The Department for International and EU Affairs and Human Rights is at the core of the international work of the DAV, which can be divided in three main areas:  

EU Affairs: Effective awareness of the legal profession’s interests at the European level is indispensable considering the ever rising importance of European legislation. Therefore, the DAV represents the interests of the German legal profession through its Brussels office, both regarding professional law and in numerous other legislative procedures that are important to the legal profession in terms of material law.

International Affairs:  The international department of the DAV co-ordinates the DAV’s activities abroad and is a contact point for foreign (lawyer) delegations. Exchange and information are the primary focus of these international activities. This includes projects and cooperation with other Bar Associations  as well as International Lawyer organisations, such as the International Bar Association (IBA).

Human Rights: The protection of fundamental and human rights is one of the core objectives of the German Bar Association (DAV), which is also reflected in its statute. In 2010, the DAV committee for human rights was established to serve this purpose. All activities are designed to strengthen human rights through means of law, especially in areas in which the professional activity of lawyers is being put into question or in cases where citizens’ access to legal assistance is difficult or absent.

The international activity of the DAV also extends in other areas beyond the work of the department. The Section for International Business Law (ARGE IWR) is a forum for lawyers specialised in international affairs and offers a wide range of training opportunities and a forum for exchange in this field. The DAV also takes part in the initiative “Law Made in Germany”, which advertises the benefits of German law as part of European codification law: legal certainty, predictability, affordability and enforceability. Finally, through its 13 local bar associations abroad in countries like France, Ukraine, UK or Greece, the DAV offers German lawyers abroad the possibility to build a network and profit from the advantages of DAV-membership even when exercising their profession outside of Germany.