Human Rights

The protection of fundamental and human rights is one of the essential objectives of the German Bar Association (DAV), which is also reflected in its statute. As a voluntary association of attorneys operating independently of government influences, the DAV has reinforced its commitment in this field. The legal profession has taken its position and is recognized as a socio-political actor. The DAV committee for human rights has been established to serve this purpose in 2010.  The committee provides information to, and advises the executive board and management with regard to human rights issues.

All activities are designed to legally enforce human rights, especially in areas when the engagement of attorneys in questionable or in cases where the citizens’ access to legal aid is difficult or absent altogether.

The DAV is a platform for attorneys who are personally harassed, persecuted or obstructed in performing their duties as a result of their work. In this context, the DAV has established a wide network of international connections, which continuously enables attorneys to voice their opinions and commit to the general public in absence of the perception threshold.

This network does not only include the international umbrella organizations of legal professions, but well-known independent and civil society actors for human rights actors on a national and international level. These include Amnesty International, PRO ASYL, church and charities associations, the German Institute for Human Rights, the International Legal Assistance Consortium, Defense Lawyers Associations, the Republican Attorney Association, the Dutch Organization Lawyers for Lawyers and the Peace Brigades International (PBI).